February 2020

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Are Activewear And Sportswear Same?

People who are often busy with sports activities or dancing require a specialized wardrobe. These activities cannot be carried out in the routine wardrobe. The most common types of wardrobe that are often used for this purpose are the sportswear and the activewear in Australia. People think that both of these are the same. The reality is but totally otherwise. There is no similarity between the two. Although the purpose of both is the same and that is supporting the active lifestyle but the usage and the utility are absolutely different.

As the name indicates the sportswear is meant specifically for the sports activities while on the other hand the activewear is a great choice for all kinds of activities including the exercise sessions, dancing and even the daily comfort.

Active Wear

For those who are always looking for comfort with style, activewear is a great choice. Made out of the special sustainable materials this kind of clothing ensures the best time. The most commonly used among these are the crew neck sweaters made from fleece, parkas, pants and the hoodies. You can wear them anywhere whether it is the exercise session or a casual routine day. They are made out of the most comfortable materials. The cuts are managed in such a way that each move is extremely comfortable and relaxing. Style is another feature. If you always have a busy day and you want to stay active then there is nothing as great as the activewear. This is the most functional kind of dressing that further gets beneficial if suitable accessories especially the shoes are added to these.


Sportswear means the wardrobe that is needed for sports activities. It means the dressing, accessories and shoes that are specifically meant for the sports of all kinds. This kind of dressing is known for certain specialised features like fabric weight, thermal functionality, sustainability and above all the comfort needed while playing your favourite games. It is only the swimming that requires a different kind of costume but the rest of the sports usually don’t need costumes that are much different from each other. The swimming materials are made out of waterproof materials. The most important element in these dresses is the spandex which allows maximum flexibility and stretch so that whether you are jumping, running or stretching during the game, the maximum stretch is made possible.  The thermal qualities make these dresses practical for all weather conditions. The sportswear includes football armours, trainers, polo shirts, wet suits, leotards and sports specific undergarments. Visit Prima Dance Warehouse to find out more details.