Making Your Own Mark

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People are filled with self doubt and insecurities. It is ridiculous when other human beings take time to pass their mean opinions or comments to us because they are just having some insecurity and have decided not to face them; thereby they are trying to mask it by focusing on you. You are your biggest critic, sometimes; it is alright to cut yourself some slack. These ideologies are more applicable to grownups. However, if you are just a teenager who just understood the sense of self, then it is a war zone everywhere. You have to constantly justify your choices to yourself and every other person (on a good day!). At the same time, you are supposed to make sure you understand who you are and what you stand for which means experimentations (in fashion to sexuality). No one can help you with your choices or finding your choices. If you just conform to something without identifying with it because someone told you so, you will feel that is frustrating. Here are few tips to help you with your fashion to your first date.

Financially – You are limited or broke

 If you are an average teen, you are on a tight leash with your cash (unless you are one of those kids who have spoiling career oriented parents). You can do odd part time jobs but you will still come up as being broke because you have a lot of things you need and want. It is important to make sure to understand how money management works when you are at this stage whereby you will not have a problem when you grow up because when you are older, your parents sometimes cannot run to your rescue and you will need to find ways. When you are teen, you spend a lot of money in malls with your friends. For example, you would have gone to the mall to buy a dress, but you will have to end up spending on the transportation, food and other things you would not think much of. You can try to follow ladies fashion online and buy from their websites which usually comes with a discount and return policy if the product is not to your standards.

Spending money and dates

Girls usually have to spend a lot of money before the date to get dolled up and in short, making themselves pretty. Dresses are usually an integral part of dates for the girls. It would be easier for you to try to buy party dresses online Australia because there is a chance that the date might go awry and you would not want reminders of the night. A cheap dress does not mean they are ugly looking, they are just not vogue or established brand that you would probably want to get for a special occasion. It is important on first few dates to not go big and impress someone. Despite the popular believes among teens about everything being materialistic, true love cannot be found in that path. Try to take them to a place where you both can sit and talk and be entertained like a small restaurant or a carnival.

Apart from this, you need to make sure you are running with a crew who will understand your needs to explore or not to. Your friends should push you to be better version of yourself, at the same time; they should understand when not to push you. Friends are an important aspect of growing up and understanding yourself because they are your primary support and they need to be better for you to turn up good.